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Attend The Whitby Steampunk Weekend XI

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Only arrive in your best steampunk attire this weekend! It’s the bi-annual event with a futuristic yet retro vibe. If you’re familiar with Whitby you will have seen the top hats, waistcoats and corsets adorned with cogs, clocks and goggles that are included in almost every fabulous outfit. The impressive array of ensembles that we admire year after year only get better as the attendees creativity and imagination takes over. 


For those intrigued, find out everything you need to know about the event. 


The Whitby Steampunk Weekend XI


The wonderful family-friendly event is held at the Whitby Pavilion this weekend. Enjoy free daytime entry on Saturday 12th February and Sunday 13th February where you can watch amazing live entertainment, choose something fabulous from the retail emporium, watch informative presentations and get involved in interesting workshops. All whilst wearing your one-of-a-kind, spectacular ensemble. 


Unfortunately, the Gatsby Valentine’s Ball is sold out on Friday evening however, there are still tickets for the Steampunk Saturday Nite where the line up consists of the use toting tweed clad troubadour Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq, the UK’s hardest-working comedy band Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican and the delightful and scrumptious Mistress of Ceremonies, Madam Zuri Arrosa. 




What Is Steampunk? 


The glamorous dress code is an infusion of the fashion from the Victorian era with futuristic, mechanical additions. Expect top hats with oversized, bronze flying goggles, laced-up corsets with large bustling skirts and suits with leather straps and gold cogs. When planning their outfit many choose their persona and begin creating the look themselves. Whether they’d like to go down the gothic route or be an adventurer for the weekend, it really is up to the individual. The term doesn’t just cover fashion with crafts, design, literature and music all adding to the craze. 

Originating in literary fiction, writer, KW Jeter, invented the word steampunk back in 1987 and since the moment has evolved. It began in the US but has spread far and wide, and of course, to our cool, seaside town of Whitby. You might recognise some of the looks in many science fiction films also. Steampunk is all about reimagining the Industrial Revolution in a modern world, literally anything goes, you can create a unique, stylish, impressive look that will impress at the celebration. 




Wear Whitby Jet Jewellery


With Whitby Jet being so popular in the Victorian age it is the perfect finishing touch to your fabulous steampunk outfit. Our contemporary designs are nostalgic of Jet’s heritage yet are designed for a modern audience. Or maybe an antique Whitby Jet brooch that was handcrafted in the 19th century could be pinned to your waistcoat or a  beautiful Victorian bracelet on your wrist. They’re made to last so will definitely become part of your ensemble year after year. 


Canadian poet and novelist, Douglas Fetherling captures the essence of the culture perfectly “Steampunk is a genre that imagines how different the past might have been had the future come earlier.”


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