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Ethically Sourced

We’ve come a long way since the Victorian days where Whitby Jet was exhaustively mined to keep up with demand. It was dangerous work and the landscape was drastically changed trying to source as much Jet as possible by any means possible. However, today, mining is no longer legal with all our Whitby Jet ethically sourced from the shore

It’s not just how Whitby Jet lands on our bench that we are responsible for. We take into consideration all aspects of our brand from our workers to the industry names that we work with. 


Sustainably Sourced


We rely solely on natural erosion, which is much kinder to the environment than mining was - and safer too. We trust local specialists who know the difference when it comes to spotting Jet. They can easily distinguish between the copycats on the beach such as coal and plastic. It’s no easy task combing the shoreline yet the experts have it covered and can sustainably source enough of the finest Jet for us to handcraft our contemporary designs. 




Handcrafted in the UK


Made here in Britain, all of our jewellery designs don’t travel far. With all of our Whitby Jet found on the North Yorkshire coastline every piece is handcrafted in our workshops. The fragments of Jet that wash up on our local beaches head to our studios avoiding being shipped from abroad, which has a positive impact on our planet and our seaside town. 

Keeping all aspects of the manufacturing process local to the North of England ensures that the techniques that have been around for centuries our passed down to the next generation and not forgotten. Handcrafting Whitby Jet in our local workshops ensures that the community can be involved in the town’s heritage. 


Excellent Working Conditions


We care about our staff ensuring that the conditions of our workshops meet health and safety guidelines. It’s important that all of our jewellery is handmade in a space that is comfortable yet practical. We provide modern technology that our jewellers can use to cut, shape and polish our gemstones to the highest standards possible. 

We treat everyone fairly ensuring that they receive the respect that they deserve. That includes the staff in our boutiques as well as in the office and those who work remotely. Every member of our team receives fair wages no matter their responsibility. We create strong relationships with the brands that we partner with and love to champion local artists such as Emma Stothard and Linda MacDonald. 




Antique Whitby Jet Collection


Sourcing antique Whitby Jet pieces not only keeps the history of the stone alive yet it means that the jewellery does not go to waste. All that hard work and effort can be admired once more as we restore every brooch, bracelet and necklace to its former glory. Whitby Jet lasts a long time especially when handled with great care. Therefore, whether it’s an exquisite piece from the Victorian times or a stunning design from our contemporary collection, we have a repair service that will keep your favourite jewellery piece in fantastic condition. 


It's really important to us that the best practices are put in place to take care of our planet and the people that inhabit it. 


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