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The Story of Whitby Jet Store

Welcome to the Whitby Jet Store.

Whitby Jet Store

Original & Contemporary Whitby Jet.

Situated at 145 Church Street, Whitby, the Whitby Jet Store holds a proud reputation for supplying original and contemporary Whitby Jet designs alongside a growing portfolio of jewellery and watch brands.

Our history and trading on Church Street spans over a decade as before the Whitby Jet Store we held the name of The Whitby Wyrm – a name which offered close links to the town’s heritage and legends. As we transitioned to the name of ‘Whitby Jet Store’, we felt it offered more clarity for customers passing and visiting our store as to what we do, yet still retained our affinity with the town and what it is famous for.

When visiting Church Street, you cannot miss the presence of the Whitby Jet Store, we like to feel we offer not just a noticeable shop front, but one that welcomes you in to look around our wonderful collection of Whitby Jet designs and additional jewellery collections.
We may be biased, but we feel our members of the staff are the best! Whether you are looking to find out more about the history of Whitby Jet and its history to the town, searching for a personal keepsake to take back from your visit, or needing some help with gift buying for a special occasion, they are on hand to help - as they also are online through any email or phone call to our sales team.

Whether shopping with us in person or online, your customer satisfaction is our top priority and we want to ensure you that every item of Jet uses genuine Whitby Jet, sourced from the local North Yorkshire coastline and, that in line with UK law, all our products are tested and hallmarked to meet all legal jewellery requirements.

Our Extended Family of Jewellers

We are proud to be part of a wider jewellery family that specialise in the design and manufacture of British gemstones, here in North Yorkshire with Whitby Jet, and from our Derbyshire workshop with Derbyshire Blue John (and where our jewellery business was established in 1979).

In Whitby, alongside the Whitby Jet Store, our family of jewellers brings together Araucaria, C W Sellors, Robert & Victoria and W Hamond (which includes the Museum of Whitby Jet and boutiques in Leeds and York) to offer the visitors of Whitby – and online - the most comprehensive selection of handcrafted Whitby Jet and gemstone jewellery. (All boutique details can be found here).

It is only through having several boutiques we can combine and showcase such a wide and diverse range of jewellery to our visitors, and whilst each shop carries their own distinct identity, collections and a selection of jewellery brands, you can purchase with confidence knowing that for all Whitby Jet designs only locally sourced material is used in our Whitby and Derbyshire workshops.

Whitby Jet Store - Contact

145 Church Street, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO22 4DE

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Email: info@whitbyjetstore.co.uk

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