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Genuine Whitby Jet



We pride ourselves on only working with genuine Whitby Jet. With many lookalikes in the industry it is sometimes difficult for those unfamiliar with the British gemstone to spot the difference. So let us do the hard work for you! We’re experts when it comes to Whitby Jet. We know all there is to know about the North Yorkshire gem and only work with the finest, naturally sourced Jet from our local beaches. When buying from a trusted supplier, like ourselves, you can be confident that the black gem is the real deal. Authenticity and transparency is so important to us. 


From Beach to Bench


Specialists know what they’re looking for when scouring the beaches. They can easily sift out the imitations and find those genuine fragments that we turn into beautiful pieces of jewellery. If you fancy a trip to the beach in search of Jet, it’s not an easy task. Hunting Jet takes time and dedication and a lot of looking down. After a stormy day is the best time to start your search and will most likely take a few attempts to stumble across a piece. You will need a little bit of luck and a lot of persistence and patience! Everything you need to know about Jet hunting here.  




The Lookalikes


No one likes a copycat. Unfortunately, there are quite a few black stones that try to pass as Whitby Jet. Coal, Obsidian, Glass, French Jet and even black plastic can be mistaken for the real deal. A part of the uncertainty around Whitby Jet started in the Victorian era when the demand was so high that suppliers started importing imitations from Europe and selling as Whitby Jet. However, this is a thing of the past and along with a lot of boutiques in Whitby we guarantee that each piece is genuine.


sterling-silver-whitby jet-four-stone-leaf-earrings


There are a few easy tests that you can do if you are uncertain about a piece of Jet you find on the beach or in a boutique. 


  1. Simply make a mark on an unglazed tile or wet/dry paper. Whitby Jet’s smudge will be brown in colour. 
  2. When wearing or holding Jet it is incredibly lightweight. So if your piece of jewellery is weighing you down, it’s not the real thing. 
  3. The black hue does not fade and will be even in colour. Take a look at the polished piece and assess if it has an even black appearance. 
  4. Try placing your piece of Jet in water, it will float or sink very slowly. If it immediately sinks to the bottom it’s not Jet. 
  5. Rub the Jet against your hair and if it produces static electricity its authentic. 
  6. One test that’s best left for the professionals is to put a red hot needle into the stone and see if it releases a coal smell. This could damage the piece so it’s best to leave to an expert who will place the needle in an area that is unseen. 


If in doubt always ask a professional however, you can always trust that our Whitby Jet collections are authentic. 


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