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Whitby Jet Experts



If our name didn’t give it away already, we specialise in Whitby Jet. We’re very passionate about the famous British gemstone that our town is well known for ensuring that we focus on every little detail and shout about it whenever we can. Located on 145 Church Street, right in the heart of our seaside town, we pride ourselves on only using the finest, naturally sourced Whitby Jet that washes up on the North Yorkshire coastline. We strive to offer the highest quality Whitby Jet jewellery to both tourists and locals, opening our doors on the cobbled streets everyday of the week.  


Meet the Experts


We know everything there is to know about our local gem. We’ve worked with Whitby Jet for over a decade and therefore, feel very knowledgeable about the unique stone that is recognised worldwide for its black hue and mirror-like shine. Every member of our team, whether they work in store, online or in our workshops, are trained to really understand Whitby Jet. From its fascinating history to how the gem is formed to the techniques to handcraft exquisite pieces of jewellery, our talented team excel in their roles. 




Boutique Team


They’re a friendly bunch! Step inside and meet our incredible in store team who can help you find that perfect gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself. They work with our unique jewellery closely so know a lot about the details and therefore will be able to answer any of your questions or advise you in the right direction. If you’re looking for an engagement ring for a special proposal, you’ll be in good hands as they guide you through our exquisite collections. Their passion and love for Jet is clear to see! 


Online Team


Our online team are just as nice! Contact them via email at info@whitbyjetstore.co.uk or phone on 01947 601985 to enquire about a piece of our jewellery or your order. They also know a lot about Whitby Jet so are more than qualified to answer any of your questions about our favourite gem. 


Workshop Team




You might not meet the jewellers but you’ll admire their impressive work in our boutique and online. They are highly skilled in Whitby Jet and always ensure that our exceptional standards are met. It’s no easy task yet their patience, dedication and skill make sure that each piece of Jet is handcrafted to perfection paying close attention to the smallest of details. As experts in the local stone, they can create both classic and distinctive shapes that are made to the highest quality. 


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