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Five Things that Whitby is Famous For

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A trip to our charming seaside town is always a good choice! With many looking forward to escaping their four walls this summer, Whitby just has to be on the top of your list. There’s something for every member of the family, whether that’s relaxing on our stunning beach, delving into the unique town’s rich heritage or admiring our handcrafted Whitby Jet jewellery designs. The famous Yorkshire town offers an experience like no other becoming a favourite destination for so many. 

It’s the holiday you’ve all been waiting for and if you’re still not convinced, join us as we take you on a quick virtual tour. 


Top Up Your Jewellery Box 




Let’s begin with our personal favourite, Whitby Jet! The beautiful, unique gemstone is naturally found on our stretch of rugged coastline. Many take the trip to Whitby to admire the finest Jet worldwide with many unable to resist taking a souvenir home. When planning your holiday make visiting The Whitby Jet Store a priority as we have an impressive collection of Whitby Jet jewellery that showcases the intense, deep black hue and unforgettable shine. 


Taste Award Winning Fish & Chips




When in Whitby, fish & chips is the perfect supper choice! With award winning options available on every cobbled street, you’re in for a treat. From Monday 17th we are finally allowed to dine inside again and with this changeable weather it might just be the perfect opportunity to hide from the rain and tuck into a fish supper. Alternatively, a takeaway chippy tea is the a seaside ritual that some can’t ignore. 


Enjoy the Sea Breeze




You can’t beat the feeling of being by the sea especially after the year we’ve all had. The wonderful sandy beaches of Whitby are the perfect place to unwind. Schedule in a beach day if its sunny or opt for a windy walk if its a cooler day. Located right by the deep blue hasn’t gone unnoticed by our designers who have created a spectacular ocean collection inspired by all things nautical. 


Climb the 199 Steps to Whitby Abbey




Embrace the Gothic atmosphere of the town and visit the magnificent Abbey ruins that still stands tall overlooking Whitby. It might take you 199 steps to reach the clifftop but it’s well worth the climb. With breathtaking views, you can really take in all the town has to offer before finding out everything there is to know about the 2000 year history. Upon Bram Stoker’s visit to Whitby, he was inspired to write the famous novel about the vampire, Dracula. The Abbey had a huge part to play in creating a haunting atmosphere that influenced the well known horror. We are also very much inspired by the ruins allowing for our wearers to take a little piece of our town with them with our Whitby Abbey collection. 


Visit the Captain Cook Memorial Museum 




Another one for the history lovers! Get to know the British explorer much better by adding the Captain Cook Memorial Museum to your to do list! Whitby was his home for a short time when he landed a job as a trainee at a local shipping firm. The museum is located where Cook lived whilst in our not so traditional town! Again, our nautical jewellery collection is inspired by Whitby’s connection to the ocean and would be the perfect addition to your collection. 


There you have it! For a quaint seaside town, there is so much to explore! We hope to see you wandering the streets of Whitby sometime soon. 


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