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How to Care for Whitby Jet

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Taking care of your Whitby Jet jewellery is always a good idea. Although our local gemstone often survives generations, cherishing your jewellery pieces has an important part to play in its longevity. That dazzling high sheen and intense deep black hue that is adored worldwide can be altered if not looked after properly. Simple precautions can ensure that your favourite Whitby Jet jewellery looks impressive every time. 


Store Neatly 


Whether you’re a travel enthusiast or prefer to stay close to home, a jewellery box or case is the perfect place to store your Whitby Jet. Without thinking many leave their jewellery abandoned on the bedside table, bathroom window ledge or kitchen worktop, which could easily cause damage to your favourite pieces. Stylish storage solutions that look chic sitting on your chest of drawers or packed in your luggage are the ideal way to take care of your favourite designs avoiding harm. There are many styles to choose from to suit different tastes and personalities. We can’t think of a better way to protect our beloved pieces than our range of stunning jewellery boxes and travel cases. It’s time to buy a jewellery case and neatly fill it with all your treasured Jet pieces.




Clean Often


Cleaning should be next on your list. Wearing regularly can naturally cause a layer of dust or dirt to form. Luckily, all that Whitby Jet requires is a gentle clean with lukewarm water and then dry with a soft cloth. It really is that easy! Carrying out this simple cleaning method will keep that mirror-like shine we all love so much. We also offer silver and gold polishing cloths, which will ensure that your jewellery remains clean and sparkling. Just a gentle rub every so often will do the trick. 


Avoid Chemicals


Take your jewellery off when cleaning the kitchen or bathroom. It’s easy to forget as Whitby Jet is so lightweight and comfortable to wear however, abrasive chemicals can easily damage your beloved designs. Before reaching for the cleaning sprays and cloths, place your jewels in the carefully designed compartments to keep them in pristine condition. Cosmetic products such as hairspray and perfume can also have a negative impact on the high sheen of Whitby Jet. Therefore, we advise to put on your jewellery after carrying out your beauty routine and that goes for showering and bathing too. Soaps, creams, moisturisers and even water can impact the brilliance of Jet. 




Ask an Expert


An annual service is highly recommended to ensure that your Whitby Jet jewellery has never looked better. Our trained specialists are able to restore damaged jewellery as well as carry out a thorough, professional clean that can not be done to the same standard at home. Our polishing cloths do a fantastic job but as a special treat our impressive cleaning and polishing equipment takes it to the next level. If you would like to book in with our experts, chat to our friendly staff in our boutique or phone us to discuss our secure postal service. 


It really is that easy! By implementing a few simple routines your Whitby Jet will remain in pristine condition to pass down through the family. Now is the time to pick out your favourite jewellery box if you don't already own one or can't resist our stylish options. 


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