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How Rare is Whitby Jet?

Only found on the 7.5 mile North Yorkshire coastline, Whitby Jet is extremely rare. It’s millions and millions of years old and only forms under the most perfect conditions. It’s difficult to find with only those with a trained eye being able to spot fragments on the shore amongst its lookalikes. Exclusive to Whitby and the close surrounding area, you’ll only find the most naturally sourced, finest Jet on our coastline. 




The Rarest Whitby Jet Around  


The only place that you’ll find one of the rarest British gemstones around is in Whitby. The town is very proud that the black hued gem washes up on its shoreline. It is now forbidden to mine Jet and therefore, specialists hunt for pieces on the beach. Amateurs who fancy a go at Jet hunting will find it a difficult task to undertake. There are many lookalikes such as coal and plastic that can easily be mistaken for the real deal. Therefore, it takes a long time to actually find a piece of Jet if you are unfamiliar with the stone. 




Formed in Only the Perfect Conditions


Whitby Jet is a unique gift from nature. Formed in the Jurassic era, disastrous weather caused flash flooding, which swept a lot of Araucaria trees into the ocean. After becoming waterlogged, the trees fell to the sea bed and became stuck in the thick sedimentary mud, which created an anaerobic seal stopping normal decomposition. The trees then absorbed the hydrocarbon oils found in the mud. It was all of these unusual factors that prevented silicification and created fast chemical changes in the cells of the Araucaria tree. Many, many years passed where layers and layer of sediment built up resulting in a lot of pressure and a lack of oxygen, which added to the fossilisation process and created Whitby Jet. As you can see, it takes the perfect conditions to form making Jet very unique and rare. 




Our Antique Jewellery Collection


Sourcing Whitby Jet that has survived from the Victorian era is rare. We have curated an impressive collection of brooches, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Whitby Jet jewellery is made to last and is regularly passed down from generation to generation. However, it’s not easy to find a piece of jewellery that is centuries old. Many favourites could be kept safe in jewellery boxes or have gotten lost over the years. Our passion and love for Jet drives us to keep hunting and when we uncover a Victorian gem we get to witness the craftsmanship and skill of the past first hand. 


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