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It’s a completely different story to the Victorian era. During this time Whitby Jet was exhaustively mined to try and keep up with its popularity. Miners took on a very dangerous task as many were unstable so a lot were risking their lives. Also, the landscape changed enormously by the mining of Jet. It was so in demand people would go to extreme lengths to get their hands on some of the adored black stone. Today, Whitby Jet is sourced from the coastline as mining is illegal. 


Sustainably Sourced


All of our Whitby Jet is found on the beach by trusted gem hunters. As we mentioned, mining is now illegal so the only option is to rely on natural erosion. It is a much safer, sustainable way to find Jet, heading to the beach after a storm. Our reliable hunters know exactly what they’re doing, focusing on specific spots that they rely on every time. They can easily spot the genuine pieces of raw Whitby Jet from the lookalikes such as coal or plastic, which amateurs may find confusing. It’s a hard task, only the persistent, determined and experienced hunters will be successful. The experts that we use always provide the finest, sustainably sourced Whitby Jet to produce our collections. 




Handcrafted in the North of England


From the beach to our workshop bench, it’s not a far distance to travel at all. All of our collection is handcrafted in our studios in the North of England, with many pieces carved right here in Whitby. Therefore, creating our jewellery in the UK is much better for the environment as no Jet has to travel abroad, which has a positive impact on our planet. Also, our workshops provide jobs for our local community providing a new skill. 

We focus on quality when making our jewellery to ensure that each piece lasts for a long time. It is our goal for every necklace, pair of earrings, bracelets, rings and charms (plus so much more) will be passed down through generations. Buy once and wear that piece forever. 




Restore, Repair, Reuse


You’ve probably heard this a lot lately but we really do believe in taking care of the jewellery that you already own. Store in a jewellery box whilst at home or in a travel case whilst on the move. It’s essential to keeping your pieces in perfect condition. However, accidents do happen even to the most careful of owners. Luckily we offer a repair service that can restore any damaged pieces. You only have to look at our antique Whitby Jet collection to see how we can make items look brand new again. 

Which brings us nicely on to our antique pieces. We enjoy the challenge of finding original Victorian designs that have survived generations. Our specialists take the time to restore these beautiful pieces to their original condition to be resold. So if you’re looking for a sustainable piece of jewellery, check out our antique collection. 

We also offer a cleaning service, which is another way to keep your favourite pieces of jewellery looking in perfect condition. An annual service is recommended by our expert team to ensure your jewellery lasts a lifetime. Pop in store or send us an email on info@whitbyjetstore.co.uk to arrange. 


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