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About Us

You’ll find us on the famous, cobbled Church Street selling unique, contemporary Whitby Jet designs as well as an impressive range of jewellery and watch brands. We’ve been at number 145 for quite a while creating a strong identity that honours the history of Jet whilst catering for a modern audience. We're well known for supplying genuine Whitby Jet that is naturally sourced from the North Yorkshire coastline. It's time to get to know us so much better. 





The Whitby Jet Store Name 


You might remember us as The Whitby Wyrm before we became The Whitby Jet Store. The original name was chosen due to its close connection to our town’s heritage however, we decided we wanted a clearer message for those passing the boutique. There is now no confusion, the title of our store immediately explains what we do whilst still honouring the rich heritage of the town. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the tale, wyrm is a dragon that lived comfortably in the mountains that overlooked the town. However, the inhabitants of Whitby were pleading to be saved from the cruel beast. A group of Benedictine monks came to their rescue by building Whitby Abbey, which did not go down well with the wyrm who tried to attack and destroy the monastery before it was finished. The prayers of the monks resulted in the dragon being banished to the sea and legend has it that every seven years he tries to bring the abbey down. 





Visit Our Store 


For over a decade, we have brought stunning window displays to Church Street enticing many into our store to admire our beautiful collections. Our friendly team are passionate about what we do and offer excellent customer service to whoever steps inside our store. Whether you are looking for a special gift for a loved one, to learn more about Whitby Jet or to treat yourself, our expert staff are more than happy to help. Either pop in store, send an email or give us a call, to connect with a member of our team. 






What We Do 


We’re proud to offer beautifully handcrafted designs that feature the finest, naturally sourced Whitby Jet. Our standards are really high ensuring that every piece is made here in our workshops bringing precision and accuracy to everything that we do. It’s our mission to show how Whitby Jet can abandon that mourning label and be stylish, chic and modern. 

To compliment our own creative designs we love to collaborate with brands in the industry that we admire and will fit in well alongside our jewellery collections. We offer a platform for brands to expand their reach and find a new audience. 

It’s not just jewellery brands that we are interested in, we sell functional yet stylish watches that look so good on the wrist. From timeless classic to smartwatches that keep you on track, there’s something for everybody and we just love helping you decide on the right design for you. 


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