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Is Jet Only Found in Whitby?

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If you’re looking for the finest Jet worldwide, then Whitby is most definitely your first choice. Although Jet is very rare, deposits can be found across the globe in countries such as France, Spain, USA, Turkey, China, Germany, India, Poland and Russia yet it is the quality and prestige that surrounds the British gemstone sourced from the North Yorkshire coastline that draws many to the famous seaside town every year. Jet formed in countries beyond Britain does not have the same beauty and appeal as that found on our local beaches. It’s fragile and definitely doesn’t have the same durability as Whitby Jet. However, the Asturias Spanish Jet and Oltu-tase from Turkey does come in as a close second! 




The Popularity of Whitby Jet 


Jet is impossible to miss as you wander the cobbled streets of Whitby with many shops selling the finest, naturally sourced Whitby Jet there is. The popularity of our local gemstone really soared during the Victorian era, due to the influence of Queen Victoria who took to wearing Whitby Jet jewellery after Prince Albert died. The demand was high with hundreds of workshops opening to keep up with the latest trend. However, tourists started to question the authenticity of Whitby Jet when many began importing poor quality Spanish Jet and selling it as the local stone. It was obviously not genuine as the cheap Spanish version would crack and become dull in colour. To stop the doubt that began to creep in, labels were attached to genuine Whitby Jet as after all people travelled to the seaside town for the real deal. 




Jet From Around the World


Jet found in most of these countries around the world is of low quality and is known in the jewellery industry to crack and break. Therefore, unlike Whitby Jet it is not a stone that can be passed down through generations. Over the years we have curated a unique collection of antique Whitby Jet brooches and necklaces that showcase its longevity and rich heritage. 


What We Offer  

Here at The Whitby Jet Store we source only the finest, natural sourced jet from Whitby. We pride ourselves on our exceptional high standards to stand out against our rivals and design contemporary Whitby Jet jewellery. Every piece of local Whitby Jet is precision cut and polished to perfection in our workshops to deliver modern designs with a flawless finish. It is important that you always buy Whitby Jet from trusted jewellers like ourselves to ensure that you are purchasing true Jet rather than any of its lookalikes. 


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