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Five Things You Should Know About Whitby Jet

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Whitby Jet will soon become your favourite item to wear. The rare gemstone charms it’s way into everyone’s jewellery box, needing very little convincing from us. Get to know our favourite gem a little better as we answer the questions everyone’s asking when it comes to Whitby Jet. You’ll find out why it really is the perfect stone to work with and design unforgettable pieces of jewellery. 


Is Whitby Jet Heavy or Light?


A piece of Whitby Jet jewellery will definitely be your next purchase once you’ve discovered how lightweight it is. Jet really is weightless and therefore, so comfortable to wear. Fasten around your neck or wrist with ease as your new Whitby Jet necklace or bracelet will not weigh you down, no matter the size. The beauty of our local gemstone is that you can really make a statement with oversized designs without compromising on comfort. We may be slightly bias but Jet really is perfect for jewellery. 


Is Whitby Jet Hard or Soft?


It’s the perfect stone to carve as Jet is relatively soft coming in at 2.5-4 on the Mohs Scale. With diamond sitting at 10 - the hardest stone of them all - you can begin to gauge the the hardness of our favourite gemstone. However, once polished to perfection in our workshop your piece of Whitby Jet jewellery will last a lifetime. Friedrich Mohs, a German mineralogist created the Mohs scale to show how easy a gem could be scratched by another. You must also take into account that each piece of Jet is different depending on how the piece was formed as some pieces are harder than others. 




Does Whitby Jet Burn? 


We don’t advise trying this out at home as Jet does in fact burn and your piece of Jet will be destroyed. There is a well known way of using a hot needle to test for authenticity however, we would strongly suggest asking a professional as you will most likely damage the stone. It is a successful way to distinguish true Whitby Jet from imitations as the idea is to find a inconspicuous area of the stone to place the hot needle and if the smell is coal-like the piece is Jet. But this may be one for the experts!


What Does Whitby Jet Feel Like? 


Surprisingly, Jet is warm to touch as well as lightweight. It is another reason why the black gemstone is so popular as it never feels cold when worn around the neck, wrist or finger. The reason the stone feels warm is due to the fact that it is a poor thermal conductor and heat is not quickly transferred away from the surface. It’s warmth is another good way to tell if you’re holding genuine Whitby Jet as glass for example is much colder. 




What Colour Is Jet?


You must have heard the expression ‘jet black’ - a saying that derives from the colour of Whitby Jet. It’s the deep intense shade that makes the desirable gemstone stand out from others along with its mirror-like shine when polished. Jet is truly unique and the reason why many make the trip to our seaside town to check out the local offerings for themselves. 


Ask an expert! If you have any more questions related to Whitby Jet please get in touch with our trained specialists who know everything there is to know about the stone found along the North Yorkshire coastline. 


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