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How Valuable Is Whitby Jet?

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It’s no secret that Whitby Jet is rare, unique and sought after. Throughout the centuries, Whitby Jet has been highly valued for its brilliant lustre, black appearance and weightlessness. In Pre-Historic times Jet was considered the perfect material to create important objects from Stone Age Carvings and Bronze Age beads to Roman jewellery and early-medieval religious items. It wasn’t until the 19th Century when the demand for Jet was out of control and its value increased dramatically. Queen Victoria’s influence and the access to seaside towns via train was to blame for this need. As all fashion trends the demand did start to wan but the allure has truly never gone away with many making the trip to Whitby to admire the stone and purchase a piece of Jet jewellery. 


Antique Whitby Jet Jewellery 



Our passion for our local black gemstone leads us to delve in the rich heritage of Whitby Jet. Sourcing antique jewellery from the Victorian era when Jet was at its peak of popularity is an obsession of ours. There’s nothing better than finding an impressive piece of jewellery in perfect condition that has survived years of wear - maybe passed down through generations. Our talented team bring those pieces that need restoring back to life with patience, care and skill. We’re fascinated with the complex detailing and expert craftsmanship of centuries ago. 

These beautiful, historic pieces are highly valuable as they tell a unique story of the gemstone journey. Our antique collection range from a couple of hundred pounds to a few thousand and are aimed at those who share our excitement for Jet and it’s past. It is an investment that will be adored by its owner whether that’s for themselves or a present for a loved one. 


Contemporary Whitby Jet Jewellery 




We specialise in designing modern Whitby Jet designs that are unique yet accessible to a wide audience. Honouring the traditional craftsmanship associated with our local gemstone, each piece is handcrafted in our workshops by our skilled jewellery makers. Paying close attention to every detail, we pride ourselves on the intricacy and exceptional high standards of each design. 

You could buy yourself a pair of simple sterling silver Whitby Jet studs for as little as £50 yet our larger more complicated styles are more around the £500 mark, with everything in between. It all depends on the metal the gem is framed by and the precious stones it is paired with. For example, a jewellery design that features brilliant cut diamonds and 18ct yellow gold will be more valuable than a sterling silver piece. There’s something for every budget! 


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