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What Is Whitby Jet Good For?

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What is Whitby Jet good for - absolutely everything! When it comes to achieving your goals Jet is on your side! Our favourite gemstone brings balance and harmony to everything that you do by providing physical, emotional and spiritual guidance and style of course! Nothing gets in its way, whether its matters of the heart, your professional career or good health there are many benefits that will make Whitby Jet your must have piece of jewellery that you reach for almost, if not, every morning. 

There’s no room for negativity when it comes to Whitby Jet. It’s all about positive thinking, which impacts how we feel, speak, act and think. The rare stone works to draw out any negativity making more room for positive energy. With this in mind, your optimistic outlook inspires the wearer to set achievable goals via realistic methods. The best way to access Jet’s healing powers is to wear beautiful designs - we may be biased but it does make sense! 




Live the Life You Want To Live


Providing focus, you will begin to build the career, relationship and life that is right for you. You will clearly see how your talents and abilities will help you to achieve your dreams and make them a reality. Jet also allows for you to see the mistakes you have made and work towards making amends. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and commit to the hard work required. Whitby Jet allows for you to understand this bringing wealth and prosperity to your life. 


Strength and Protection


In times of weakness, vulnerability and worry, Jet will bring strength. The unique gemstone will help for you to manage your fears, stress and anxiety in a healthy and positive way. Balance will be successfully restored making you focus on what you want from life bringing wisdom to every decision that you make. It brings a sense of calm and clarity in moments of stress. For a restful nights sleep, it is advised to tuck a piece under you pillow or hang on your bedpost. Fasten around your neck for protection against any kind of threat. 




Health Benefits


Whitby Jet is a great healer when it comes to physical ailments too, easing swelling and inflammation in particular. It’s also been known to help with a whole list of complaints such as stomach pains, menstrual cramps, migraines, headaches and colds. For those who have been diagnosed with epilepsy, Whitby Jet is great to be worn before seizures as it contains preventative properties. 


Love and Relationships


Whitby Jet is definitely a romantic! As we all know relationships aren’t always easy and during those tough times, the local gemstone works hard to bring positivity and calmness to the situation as well as allowing for you to address any issues and emotions. Encouraging you to be always be truthful will ensure that your relationship is stronger going forward not holding on to any resentment. 


There’s not much that Whitby Jet can’t help with. With its calming presence the healing stone will support you in creating the healthier, stress free life you’ve always wanted. 


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