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What Does Jet Look Like?

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You will definitely know if you’ve come across Whitby Jet. It stands out amongst its rivals and lookalikes due to its unique colour and high sheen. There’s nothing quite like it although some materials such as coal, glass and onyx do a really good job of trying to impersonate our favourite Northern gem. Don’t let the copycats fool you, always do your research. 

Found locally on our coastline, every design is meticulously hand carved to create intricate, detailed pieces as well as striking, contemporary lines. We pride ourselves on bringing the nostalgia of the rare gemstone to a modern audience through each of our carefully thought out collections.

Whitby Jet is unique, rare and truly beautiful, you won’t have a problem distinguishing it from its many lookalikes but if you do there are a few tests that you can carry out to find the real deal - we've talked you through it here. 


It’s All About The Colour 


One of the first things you’ll notice is its deep black hue - in fact it’s where the popular saying ‘as black as jet’ comes from. At the height of its popularity, Whitby Jet was the most fashionable stone around in the Victorian period due to the Queen’s influence. She only wore Jet after Prince Albert died and for many decades the stone was considered mourning jewellery. Nowadays, it is worn everyday of the week as a style statement. 




Admire Your Reflection 


From the beach to the bench - Whitby Jet takes on a completely different appearance when it leaves our workshop. Polished to perfection, Jet has a mirror-like shine like no other. Its brilliant lustre brings a unique finishing touch that is impossible to miss or forget on your visit to Whitby. Of course, if looking for Jet on one of our local beaches, the stone does not yet have this beautiful sheen until we’ve got to work. 




Comfortable to Wear 


It’s not all about looks! Whitby Jet has other traits that make it a highly desirable gemstone to wear. Firstly, it is surprisingly lightweight making it a very comfortable choice - even the oversized, statement pieces don’t feel heavy around the neck, wrist or dangling from your lobes. We can’t think of anything worse than wearing uncomfortable jewellery. It’s also warm to the touch, which is another reason why Jet is the perfect stone for jewellery. 


We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to! Whitby Jet always charms with its looks and unique qualities that set it apart from the rest. 


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