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Introducing the Lineaire collection

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Should you have ever visited Whitby, or even browsed online at some of the jewellery collections available, you would be forgiven for getting a sense of déjà vu at some of the designs and collections you are looking at. Whilst there are many outlets to meet the supply of the most recognisable British gemstone, there is a tendency for common and often uninspired collections to be available – which are sadly also often of less quality. 


Ever since Whitby became a thriving tourist destination for Victorian holidaymakers, there has been a certain market catering for those who don’t mind what they are purchasing as long as it is black and from Whitby! At the Whitby Jet Store, we feel strongly about providing new and inspired designs to our customers and who want a piece of jewellery to last a lifetime and even become a treasured heirloom to pass down to future generations. With the use of two modern jewellery workshops – located in Whitby and Derbyshire – a team of craftswomen and men spend many hours in the design and manufacture of the Whitby Jet collections we have online and instore. 


As we launch our new website it provides a great opportunity to showcase some of our exclusive jewellery collections and as we make a special home for contemporary Whitby Jet designs, we thought our Lineaire collection would be a great place to start! 


The collection was created by award-winning British jewellery designer Rebecca Sellors who recognises the appeal of simplicity in jewellery design, whilst offering a definition, in the case of Lineaire, to a very contemporary collection. Each piece is handcrafted in sterling silver, set with the finest natural gemstones and of minimalist design. Take a closer look and the beautiful curves and elongated lines not only provide for a wonderful aesthetic but are also a subtle nod to Rebecca’s ‘signature’ inclusion of architectural influences into her modern jewellery designs. 


Rebecca’s favourite piece of the collection is the Sterling Silver Whitby Jet Long Bracelet. It not only looks attractive and sits well on the wrist but is fully adjustable with the round clasp being able to tighten/loosen the chain length as required. Offering an alternative size of gemstone, there is also a Petite option for the bracelet design. In addition to the wristwear, and for which there are again two choices for each, the collection also offers matching rings, earrings and pendants.


Totalling eight stunningly simple and feminine designs, the range has not been overloaded that choice or any distraction with pieces shoehorned in for the sake of packing out the collection becomes an issue. However, should you be looking for variation, selected designs from the collection are available in other gemstones including Derbyshire Blue John, Baltic Amber and Arizona Turquoise – and look just as fabulous!


Discover our Lineaire collection


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