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Does Whitby Jet Crack?

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Whitby Jet lasts a lifetime! Unlike some of it’s lookalikes, true Whitby Jet sourced from the North Yorkshire coastline doesn’t crack. Experts are able to carve impressive, complex designs that remain as beautiful as the day they were created - if looked after of course. The high quality Whitby Jet that we use is soft enough to hand carve yet hard enough to not crack - that’s why we love it! 


From Generation to Generation


Exquisite antique pieces are passed down through generations surviving world wars, political protests and natural disasters. The intricate, detailed artwork carved using traditional techniques from the Victorian era are still admired and worn worldwide. We are lucky to have sourced a collection of antique Whitby Jet brooches, earrings, bracelets and pendants that showcase the longevity of Jet - a true investment piece. Of course, there may be areas that need to be restored by our jewellery specialists however, it will be due to wear and tear over decades rather than cracking. Our expert team are able to repair these tiny damages to make the piece look as good as new. 




It’s One of Our Favourites 


If you ask us, Whitby Jet is the perfect gemstone. It’s not fragile and doesn’t fade overtime ensuring that even everyday wear will not cause damage to the appearance - there will certainly be no cracks! The intense black shade that Jet is famous for will remain day after day as you reach for your favourite pair of earrings or necklace.


In the Workshop 


Coming in at 2.4 - 4.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness, Jet is perfect to handcraft into both beautiful, delicate designs as well as large statement pieces without it cracking on the bench. That’s of course if you’re using high quality hard Jet rather than the softer variety that will crack and that’s why this type is never used to make jewellery. The raw piece of Jet found on our local coastline needs to be able to withstand being precision cut, hand carved and then polished to perfection to create that adored mirror-like shine. As experts when it comes to Whitby Jet, we always ensure that every piece that we work with is suitable for making our unique designs. 




Take Care of Your Jewellery


That being said we do advise to take great care of your Whitby Jet jewellery to keep your favourite pieces in perfect condition. Store in a jewellery box or travel case when you’re not wearing your favourite designs to avoid any accidental knocks or scrapes. Also, it’s good practice to always remove when showering or cleaning in case of damage from any chemicals. 


We’re very proud of Whitby Jet and its tough exterior. It's a gemstone that you can always rely on, never letting you down. 


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