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Whitby Jet and Diamonds

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Add a touch of sparkle to one of the dullest of months with our Whitby Jet diamond jewellery. We can’t think of a more perfect duo to brighten up everyday of January and beyond! Subtle and sophisticated or bold and daring, you choose from our beautifully designs that will not sit in your jewellery box for long. No one said classic had to be boring, we design with creativity, passion and love for the industry always bringing a twist to traditional ideas that never go out of style. 


The Perfect Pairing


We don’t just specialise in Whitby Jet, we’re masters of shimmering diamonds too. Together, they just work. The contrast of the intense black hue with the irresistible sparkle of the finest, brilliant cut diamonds compliment each other beautifully brining exclusivity, creativity and timeless design every time. Luxurious and elegant, expect to find exquisite necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and cufflinks that dazzle from every angle. For him or her, there’s something for every personality. 




Beautifully Executed


It’s British jewellery at its finest. Designed and handcrafted right here in the UK, each stone is hand selected, cut, set and polished in our workshops by our expert jewellers. We pride ourselves on our approach to quality ensuring that every piece is made with precision and accuracy. Choosing one of our contemporary Whitby Jet diamond designs means opting for exceptional standards and unbelievable craftsmanship. Indulge in a piece of jewellery that combines style, skill and elegance. 


Cherished for a Lifetime


There for the special moments in life, our Whitby Jet and diamond rings offer the perfect alternative to a romantic proposal or your big day. We’ve always done things differently when it comes to Whitby Jet and our approach to designing unforgettable engagement rings, wedding bands and eternity rings is certainly unique. Our favourite local gemstone, is always a good choice for those important experiences in life with its longevity, weightlessness and unmissable shine. Just add diamonds for an extra touch of class. You can’t go wrong. 




Taking Care of Your Jewellery


They’re made to last a lifetime but they do need a little bit of love and attention to ensure they will be passed down through generations. After a long day, always remove your rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings before getting in the shower, cleaning or going to bed to avoid any unwanted damages. A chic jewellery box is the perfect storage solution that looks pretty chic at home. When on the move, a travel jewellery case is a good idea to avoid losing or scratching your favourite piece. 


It’s also worthwhile checking out our cleaning services to keep your jewellery in tip top condition. Also, in the unlikely event that a design needs to be repaired, our highly trained specialists can restore your jewellery to look brand new once again.  


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