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Whitby Jet and Amber

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There’s not another gemstone that brings the autumnal vibes more than Amber. It’s warm glow is the perfect shade for this time of year when we all enjoy the cosy nights as the temperature drops. It reminds us of the colourful leaves, the carved pumpkin faces and glow of the fire. Of course, it is a gem to be worn all year round but we couldn’t resist to shout about one our favourite stones at this time of year.


What Is Amber Made Of?


It is another wonderful gift from nature that is millions and millions of years old. Amber is fossilised resin, which is a thick tacky substance that protects evergreen trees from injury by tiny creatures or violent storms. Honey coloured resin fills the hole in the bark created by chewing insects and begins to harden to form a seal. It also protects the tree from disease due to its antiseptic properties and prevents critters from gnawing on the bark with its sticky texture. Millions of years ago, dense forests that are now extinct were thick with trees where resin oozed down trunks forming stalactites that would drip onto the forest floors. Once the trees fell, many of the trunks and branches were swept away by rivers, which would eventually meet the ocean. These resin-coated logs were eventually buried in sedimentary deposits, which over time and under the right conditions began to harden and without access to oxygen amber was formed. 




Amber Inclusions Explained 


Frozen in time, many insects and plant remnants become entangled in the resin before it hardens. They remain exactly as they were millions and millions of years ago like a time capsule that can provide so much information to scientists in regards to evolution. They get a three-dimensional view, which doesn’t happen very often! Many, including ourselves are fascinated with the tiny creatures that are embedded in the beautiful gemstone making it so unique! The inclusions vary dramatically as some are very clear whereas others are less so. It’s the visible ones that look like a snapshot of history that are highly desirable and sell for a lot of money. 




Whitby Jet and Amber


The contrast is truly beautiful. When paired together the two stones stand out and create a work of art. Mixing the two really makes for a distinctive piece of jewellery - a one-of-a-kind not found anywhere else. We predominantly work with our local gem Whitby Jet - hence our name - but we can’t resist getting to know other beautiful stones that compliment our brand perfectly. It challenges us to create new interesting pieces that offer a new side to Jet but we also create elegant designs that allow Amber to become centre stage. We enjoy combining the two striking stones to allow us to be creative in a different way.


It's the perfect mix, go see for yourself! 


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