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The perfect Proposal With Our Exquisite Engagement Rings

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Valentine’s Day brings out the romantic side in us all. It’s that time of year when many are planning the perfect proposal and are on the look out for an exquisite engagement ring. That’s where we step in. Our impeccable engagement rings are diverse, unique and impressive. We offer the finest designs that are classic yet contemporary, subtle or bold depending on the style you choose. Always bringing quality to everything that we do, we always think of the small details that set us apart from the rest. 


We know the importance of getting it right, choosing the perfect engagement ring that your future fiancé will fall for. It’s a difficult decision, so let us do the hard work for you. Nerves are normal but with one of our breathtaking designs, you won’t have to worry. 


Your Gemstone of Choice


We’ll let you choose the location, the words and the setting but our gems speak for themselves. Only sourcing the most finest, naturally sourced stones, our designs are unforgettable. Every gemstone is precision cut, set and polished by our specialists to reach our high standards. 






You can’t go wrong with diamonds. Shimmering with every movement, our diamond engagement rings are for the classic types who like tradition, quality and sparkle. Our showstoppers are designed to stop you in your tracks yet honour the striking simplicity of a solitaire diamond ring. Each diamond is handpicked for its cut, colour, clarity and carat weight to ensure only the best are selected. 


Whitby Jet




We like to do things a little differently. Our Whitby Jet and diamond engagement rings add a unique take on the traditional. Let us help you say ‘will you marry me?’ with an alternative design that makes your proposal extra special. The sparkling diamonds allow for the intense black shade to take centre stage and really stand out!


Derbyshire Blue John




Add a beautiful shade of lilac to your proposal with our unique Blue John and diamond engagement rings. The two gems combined really work well together creating a mesmerising design that brings elegance, beauty and style to this unforgettable moment in life. 


Arizona Turquoise




Bring a splash of colour to your special moment with an Arizona Turquoise gemstone. It’s no secret that we like to experiment creatively and the striking blue gem really allows for us to work with a distinctive colour that takes centres stage when paired with diamonds. 


White or Yellow Gold?


It really makes a difference to the aesthetic of the ring whether you opt for white or yellow gold. The latter brings warmth, strength and a rich appearance being a popular choice. White gold is also favoured for its classic yet contemporary look that brings the weight of gold but with the same colour, sheen and brightness of platinum without the price tag. You can’t go wrong with either choice!


Design a Bespoke Ring With Us 


The best part of our job is designing and handcrafting rings for that memorable moment as you go down on one knee. If you haven’t found the one from our exclusive selection of engagement rings we’d love to work with you to create a bespoke piece that you can’t stop thinking about. Please do get in touch and we can discuss the design in great detail before our experts get to work. 


There you have it! All the things you need to know about our engagement rings. You know where to find us for an outstanding collection of wedding bands for when the big day arrives! 


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