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Whitby Jet Workshop

Our Whitby Jet workshop is where the magic happens! It’s a place of creativity, skill and precision as our craftsmen and women bring our designs to life. It’s no easy task yet our talented team of experts can turn raw Jet washed up on the shore into distinctive and unique contemporary pieces that are passed through generations. We pride ourselves on the quality and finish of every piece ensuring that it meets our high standards. With workshops both in Whitby and Derbyshire, we can guarantee that our Whitby Jet jewellery is sourced and handmade in the North of England. 




The Workshop


It’s a very different place to the Victorian era where health and safety wasn’t a concern. It’s important to us that the traditional techniques are not forgotten yet work alongside modern technology to create contemporary jewellery that honours its heritage. The over crowded, dust-filled rooms are gone yet the expertise and extensive knowledge of the North Yorkshire stone remains. We still handcraft each design to ensure that every piece meets our exceptional standards every time.




The Process


To shape, smooth and polish Whitby Jet is a highly skilled task. Our workshop team use specialist equipment that allows for them to create an impressive range of designs from large, bold pieces to more intricate, classic designs. As you can imagine it takes accuracy and precision to execute.


  • Carefully check the raw piece of Jet for any flaws. This is an important first stage as any imperfections found at a later date could deem the piece of jewellery unsaleable.
  • Trim the stone into the desired shape. This could be a romantic heart, delicate flower or a simple triangle depending on the design.
  • Using a grinder and a linishing machine our gemstone specialists carefully shape the stone to fit the setting or design requirements.
  • The next step is to trim the surface to make sure it’s neat and smooth.
  • Finally, the Jet is polished to bring out the stone’s much loved mirror-like shine.




Jewellery Design Service


We love a challenge! Our workshop is always available to try out new ideas and concepts that we might not have thought of. If you have a design that you would love bringing to life, our expert jewellers are passionate about making that ring, necklace or bracelet a reality. It really is that easy. We will invite you in store to discuss the options available to create your one of a kind piece. 

We also remodel pieces of jewellery that haven’t been worn in a long time. If you have a few old favourites that no longer suit your style, we can breathe life into them again without loosing the sentimental value. Don’t let them sit gathering dust in your jewellery box, our design and workshop team will help you reinvent and restore those beautiful pieces to be cherished once more. Get in touch on 01947 601985 or info@whitbyjetstore.co.uk. 


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