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We open our doors every morning, seven days a week, on to the much loved, cobbled Church Street in Whitby. You’ll find us at number 145 selling our contemporary pieces of Whitby Jet. Nothing quite beats meeting our customers in person and sharing our love for the British stone with you all. It’s important to have a strong online presence yet being able to admire, feel and try on our jewellery is just the best. 




We’re a Friendly Bunch


If you are local to Whitby or enjoying a day/weekend visit to the seaside town, make sure you pop in to our boutique to say hi. We’re open Monday - Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm, and Saturday and Sunday 9:00am to 5:30pm. There’s plenty of opportunities to meet us and find out everything you’d like to know about Whitby Jet. 

Our wonderful staff are more than happy to help if you wish to buy a piece of our beautiful jewellery. We have an extensive collection as we’ve been doing this a long time and can answer all of your questions. You’ll fall in love with the opaque black colour, exceptional lustre and lightweight feel of Whitby Jet, just like we did.




Our Former Name


If you’ve been following our journey for a while, you may remember our former name - The Whitby Wyrm. It was originally chosen because of its link to Whitby’s heritage however, we made the move to The Whitby Jet Store to send a clearer message especially to those who didn’t know us. We felt there is no confusion as to what we sell with our current name yet still nods to our town's heritage. 

You may not have heard of the tale that inspired our first name. Wrym is a dragon that lived in the mountains. The people of Whitby were scared of the beast wishing for its presence to be gone. The Wrym did not like it when a group of Benedictine monks built Whitby Abbey. The dragon tried to destroy the monastery before it was finished, attacking the building regularly. The monks prayed for this to end, with the dragon banished to the sea. The story goes that the beast tries to destroy the abbey every seven years. 




All Made In-House 


We admit there is a lot of competition in Whitby with many stores selling the local stone. We pride ourselves on being a trusted retailer with a lot of experience. Reliability, quality, authenticity and expertise are on our side. All of our Whitby Jet is sourced locally and is 100% genuine. We handcarve each piece either in-house ensuring quality and that are standards are met every time. Our passion for fine British jewellery making is evident in everything that we do. We also love to collaborate. You will find lots of brands that we work closely with stocked in store alongside our own collections. 


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